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So the 4-series Gran Coupe is at once a coupe, a sedan, and a hatchback.Don’t expect the changes to this model for 2018 to do anything to alleviate the confusion—mostly because they’re so minor.In other timelines, at the twilight of the Great War, he joined forces with fellow veterans Ironhide and Silverbolt to form Magnaboss, instrumental to the final Autobot victory.

Standard on all models are LED high- and low-beams—adaptive headlights are available—and the new lights have a more hexagonal appearance.He approached Optimus, and explained that it made little sense for Sideswipe to have attacked the bridge in broad daylight before several eye-witnesses.Agreeing that this had the Decepticons' stink all over it, Optimus allowed Prowl to investigate Carob Island, the one place on Earth where a rare alloy discovered at the scene of the crime could be found. Besides, it’s an even-numbered model, which in BMW nomenclature means coupe.And while in profile it appears to have a distinct trunk, the lid actually incorporates the rear glass, thus making it a hatchback.

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An eight-speed automatic or a six-speed manual (yes!

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