Single Holstebro

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Single Holstebro

This is emphasised by the occasional use of recognisable items from the domestic sphere, such as light bulbs, door handles and other utensils.

The figurative and familiar world of objects may still be present, but it appears transformed and displaced.

1976) is characterised by a refined sense of form and the use of materials, encompassing, inter alia, wood, soapstone, marble, travertine, cement and copper.Marie Lund’s works often have an exploratory character in their insistent emphasis on the fundamental issues of sculpture – particularly with regard to surface tension, the interplay between concave and convex, casting and working, gravity and lightness, abstraction and figuration, representation and materiality, and tradition and Holstebro Kunstmuseum includes a number of new sculptures and object installations.Often, found objects are used, with a sometimes uncertain origin – such as portrait busts, which are hewed until their recognisable facial features completely disappear and they assume the character of fossilised silhouettes.It is characteristic of Lund that she processes the works in several stages and with different materials.

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This type of work evokes connotations with shields or cases, while they are at the same time given a usage dimension, as a kind of container; just as when we form our hands into a cup to collect water and bring it up to the mouth to quench our thirst.