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You are everything there ever as and nothing there ever wasn’t. Long live Meaning, in the kingdom, in the queendom, of the glory of our goddess spirit.

You are morphing before your own mind’s eye, with every breath, into the chrysalis you go.

This includes references in her diary, Brown’s diary, doctor’s notes, and letters to the manager of her Scottish estate among other things.– wavering self esteem, reconciling a lack of public recognition of women with a burning desire to work, rearing children who alternately delight and infuriate you, with post natal depression and with twinned desires to bend the world to your will and hide away from it in a cottage in Scotland.The fact that on the course of one day you can air-punch about a triumph at work, then, in a fit of pique, threaten to quit. JB: How difficult it was to gain access to the Royal Archives in Windsor Castle (it took me more than three years to achieve this), how much written by, to and about Victoria had been destroyed and how endlessly interesting she was, full of contradictions and warring impulses but always honest and decisive. I think that most people have that need, and that she was very alone – the peculiar kind of loneliness when you are surrounded by people—and rule millions—but sleep with a plaster cast of a dead husband’s hand…What she said when he died tells you all you need to know about the need of a queen: “Who will call me Victoria now?Wrap your heart around your hands and touch everything you feel before you ever lay a finger on it.You are but a fractured piece of light, a beating kaleidoscopic rainbow, a jagged mosaic of a microcosm of humanity.

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JB: Her lust for life, her tenacity, her robust humor, her love of power and constant intervention in the politics of the day (even to the extent of preventing men from being appointed Prime Minister when they had to the right to be), her fierce fight against racism (especially against Muslims), her obvious desiring of her husband (writing admiringly about how he looked in tight pants) and love of handsome men.