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But I also love using Instagram to get my LOL’s on.Just like there are some seriously funny parody Twitter and Tumblr accounts out there, there are also some amazing Instagram ones that you should be following.If you want to make your Instagram feed more hilarious than usual, I think you need to go on a following spree right now.

Memes, Best, and Thailand: Heather Louise @hevocado How do people my age just plan "spontaneous" trips to Thailand, I can barely afford a spontaneous loaf of Hovis Follow @menshumor for the best memes Memes, Worldstarhiphop, and Wshh: WSHH PREMIERE YBN NAHMIR FEAT.They offer up amazing memes you’ll want to regram, or they just feature celebrities you didn’t know were actually funny in real life. @Bye Felipe It’s no surprise that online dating can be awkward and also the worst, and it’s also no surprise that some of the dudes you’ll find on these sites are total jerks.Here are 10 of the funniest Instagram accounts out there you should follow. @Bye Felipe is yet another social media account dedicated to calling out the rude guys prowling the Internet for ladies. until you realize that they were seriously sent by someone. But if we can’t laugh about it, what can we do, right?“This guy had sent me some messages on Tinder and then found me on facebook, only to send me about 5 requests for a date over the course of a couple days. @Texts From Your Ex This has been my favorite Instagram account for the last few weeks. @Betches @Betches is the Instagram account for the snarky website Betches Love This, but I think the Instagram may be funnier than the site itself. @Baddie Winkle I’m sure you’ve seen @Baddie Winkle on Twitter, but did you know she’s on Instagram too?! @Satiregram If you’re all about making fun of Instagram even though you obsessively check yours every single time, @satiregram is for you.He then sent me this gem, after no response from me.” What a creeper! @Texts From Your Ex features real texts submitted by real people of conversations they have with their exes. @Betches is constantly posting the best memes that, sometimes, only girls can understand. If you want to see the trendiest, most sarcastic, ridiculous grandma ever, follow this Instagram account. Each picture is a spoken cliched Instagram picture.

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