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Adisorn Nuchdamrong, from Thailand's Department of National Parks, said 22 people had been charged with wildlife possession and trafficking, including 17 members of the temple's foundation and three monks trying to flee with a truckload of tiger skins.

The discovery comes after authorities found thee carcasses of forty tiger cubs have been found crudely stuffed into freezers following a raid on a Buddhist temple which is believed to be involved in illegal trafficking and animal cruelty.

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This book has listings of various cues, manufacturers and average prices.

Collectible cue sticks are an unusual game collectible that can turn into a rewarding, and lucrative, hobby.

Certain cues are very valuable, depending on the maker.

Cues should be kept in areas that have a constant temperature and humidity or they can warp.

While select pool cues can be a good investment, with a rapid appreciation, one should collect them because of the enjoyment they bring, not for financial reasons.

The best advice in any type of collectible is to buy what you like.

Wipe down the cue with a soft cloth, and always make sure hands are clean when touching the cue.

By following these guidelines the cue stick will be in good condition for many years to come.

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They are well known because of their commitment to quality and detail, as well as the craftsmanship with which they detail the cue itself.

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